Jump Start Program (Limited Credit)

If you have little, to no credit, and are ready to purchase your first vehicle, Our Jump Start Program has products available for you to establish your credit history.

Available Program Products: 

  • Share Secured Loan
  • Jump Start Auto Loan Program
  • Jump Start Credit Card

To qualify for the program, you must open a MOBILITY Credit Union Checking Account.

What is a Shared Secured Loan?

A Share Secured Loan is secured by the funds in your savings or share certificate account. The funds will be "frozen" from use and made available as the loan payments are made. If you have bad credit or no credit at all, these loans can help you build credit. Every time you make loan payments or pay off a loan, it is reported to the Credit Reporting Agencies.  

What is the Jump Start Auto Loan Program?

The Program offers Members with a thin Credit File the opportunity to receive their first Auto Loan. This program requires the Vehicle to be equipped with a Starter Interrupt Device. Once the Loan in finalized, an appointment will be scheduled for installation.

What is the Jump Start Credit Card?

Members who qualify for the Jump Start Program could also qualify for our Jump Start Credit Card. Maximum Credit line is $500. Member must have an MCU Auto Loan and a monthly Direct Deposit of $500 or greater.

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 *Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.