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Loan Rates

Loan Rates

Visit a branch or call a Financial Service Officer today at 214-574-2000 or 800-388-7889 about flexible terms and affordable payments on MOBILITY CU products.

All published rates are subject to change without notice. Certain terms and conditions may apply. See “Terms and Conditions of Your Account” for complete details.

Consumer Loans1


APR* as low as

Auto Up to 84
Boats, RVs & Motorcycles Up to 84 
Personal Loans including Line of Credit Up to 60
Savings & Certificate Secured For term, contact a Loan Officer at 214-574-2000 For rate, contact a Loan Officer at 214-574-2000
Visa Platinum Credit Card N/A 9.99%

Mortgage Loans



Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan 10 - 30 Year Current Rates
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 Year Current Rates
FHA/VA Rate Mortgage Loan 15 - 30 Year Current Rates

For more information on our mortgages, call our Mortgage Loan Officers at 855-855-7692 or apply online.

Home Equity Loan2


APR* as low as

1st Lien Home Equity Loan 0 - 60 Months 4.40%
61 - 120 Months 4.45%
121 - 180 Months 4.50%
2nd Lien Home Equity Loan 0 - 60 Months 5.40%
61 - 120 Months 5.45%
121 - 180 Months 5.50%
Get a .25% discount for setting up automatic payments from your MOBILITY CU account or ACH!

Home Equity
Line of Credit3,4,5





1st or 2nd Lien
Home Equity Line of Credit
5 Yr Draw/
5 Yr Repayment
WSJ Prime 0.75% 4.75%
(Rate effective April 24, 2017) 5 Yr Draw/
10 Yr Repayment
WSJ Prime 1.00% 5.00%
10 Yr Draw/
10 Yr Repayment
WSJ Prime 1.25% 5.25%
Get a .25% discount for setting up automatic payments from your MOBILITY CU account or ACH!

Questions about our loans? Give us a call at 214-574-2000. We're happy to assist you.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rate based on applicant credit. Rates subject to change without notice.
1. Example Repayment Term:  60 monthly payments of $19.22 for each $1,000 borrowed at 5.75%.
2. Example Repayment Terms: 60 monthly payments of $370.34 for a $20,000 loan at 4.20%.
3. All HELOC annual percentage rates are variable based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, “the Index”, published in the Money Rates section, plus a stated margin. Check rates for the current Index. The APR may change on the first day of each calendar quarter, January, April, July, and October. Changes in APR can only occur if “the Index” has changed since the last rate change. The minimum is 4.40% and the maximum is 18.00%. APR is Annual Percentage Rate.
4. There is no fee for application however, other charges may include appraisal and title policy costs, if the loan is greater than $100,000.
5. Consult your tax adviser regarding deductibility of interest. HELOC Terms and Conditions are as follows: 1. The minimum line amount is $15,000. 2. The draw period is either five (5) or ten (10) years in length. The draw period cannot be extended.  You may apply for a new HELOC, pay off the existing HELOC during the initial period, and begin a new draw period. 3. The draw period is an interest only payment period. Reduction of principal is not required. 4. The repayment period may be either 5 or 10 years in length and the minimum payment amount is $25.00. 5. A single property can be secured by either a HELOC or a home equity loan, not both at the same time. 6. You may borrow up to 80% of the value of your home minus existing mortgages, but the credit line is limited to 50% of the home’s value. 7. Each draw (advance) must be at least $4000, the minimum per Texas statute. 8. Advances may be completed by phone, in person, by written request, Home Banking, or the Automated Phone Banking System.



Loan Rates

If a family member or friend gets a loan at MOBILITY (excluding Real Estate), we’ll give you a $50 VISA® gift card each time, just for referring them!

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