Home Equity & HELOC 

A home equity loan or line of credit puts money in your hands to use as you see fit. Whatever the reason, contact us first for a quick, easy and affordable process!

Use the available equity in your home for:

  • Making home improvements

  • College tuition

  • Paying for your dream wedding

  • Going on vacation

  • Buying a car

  • Consolidating bills

  • Anything else you need


  • HELOCs - Interest only payments during the draw period (either 5 or 10 years)¹

  • No application fee or points ²

  • Tax-deductible interest in many cases³

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1. All HELOC annual percentage rates are variable based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, "the Index", published in the Money Rate section, plus a stated margin. Check rates for the current index. The APR may change on the first day of each calendar quarter, January, April, July, and October. Changes in APR can only occur if "the Index" has changed since the last rate change. The minimum is 5.75% and the maximum is 18.00%. APR is Annual Percentage Rate.
2. There is no fee for application however, other charges may include appraisal and title policy costs, if the loan is greater than $100,000.00.
3. Consult your tax adviser regarding deductibility of interest. HELCO Terms and Conditions are as follows:
a. The minimum line amount is $15,000.00.
b. The draw period is either five (5) or ten (10) years in length. The draw period cannot be extended. You may apply for a new HELOC, pay off the existing HELOC during the initial period, and begin a new draw period.
c. The draw period is an interest only payment period. Reduction of principal is not required.
d. The repayment period may be either 5 or 10 years in length and the minimum payment amount is $25.00.
e. A single property can be secured by either a HELOC or home equity loan, not both at the same time.
f. You may borrow up to 80% of the value of your home minus existing mortgages, but the credit line is limited to 50% of the home's value.
g. Each draw (advance) must be at least $4,000.00, the minimum per Texas statue. Advances may be completed by phone, in person, by written request, Home Banking, or the Automated Phone Banking System.