Mobile Loan Deposit 

Mobile Loan Payment

It's that time again, your loan payment is due and you forgot to schedule the payment and of course you're in meetings all day so you can't make it to the bank. Now there is an easier way with Mobile Loan Payment Deposits!

Deposit a check from another financial institution by using the MOBILITY CU Mobile App to pay your loan. It's never been easier!

  1. Login to your MOBILITY CU Mobile App

  2. Select Mobile Deposits

  3. Endorse your check "For Deposit Only Mobility CU". Make sure you have the loan suffix written on the memo line, or on the back endorsement.

  4. Take a photo of the front and back of the check. (For best results, take a photo of the check against a dark background so all the edges of the check are clearly visible)

  5. Select the Loan you want the payment applied to and select Make Deposit!

For questions, call us at 800-388-7889.